Monday, August 19, 2013

August 30, 2013 -- The Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights (Volume 3)

Date: Friday, August 30, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Kansas City Public Library/Plaza Branch
Address: 4801 Main Street, Kansas City, MO

Our "long" read for the summer is "The Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights."   Our discussion of the book has been spread over the three summer meetings of June 28 (past), July 26 (past) and will finish on August 30.  

For our next meeting we will focus on nights 719 to 1001 (per Lyons' translation).  The following are the suggested "must read" sections for our next meeting:

Jolnar of the Sea and Her Son Badr Basim, Nights 738 through 756.  

The Story of Aladdin, or the Magic Lamp (not part of 1001 stories)

The text from Jolnar of the Sea and Her Son Badr Basim can be read or downloaded from THIS LINK .

Text for The Story of Aladdin can be read or downloaded from THIS LINK .


Adrian said...

Just a third coast hello from an alum of a school that does Great Books for an undergraduate degree - Shimer College in Chicago. Great Books groups are a little few and far between so I'm happy to see your group - and I love the reading list, past and present! Wish I could get to 1,001 Nights.... Cheers, Adrian

Clif Hostetler said...

We had a good discussion on August 30 by a group with multiple and varied perspectives. Those in attendance included Tim Thurman, Jack Granath, Brian Pauls, SAM (aka Sybil), Bernie (aka bdNM), Paul, and Clif Hostetler.