Saturday, July 30, 2016

August 26, 2016 — “The Cross” by Sigrid Undset

Next meeting is August 26, 2016. We will discuss The Cross by Sigrid Undset. This is the third book of the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy. The book is published both alone or as the complete trilogy under the title of Kristin Lavransdatter.

Meeting Information:
Location: Kansas City Public Library, Plaza Branch, Small Meeting Room
Address: 4801 Main Street, Kansas City, MO
Date: August 26, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM


Clif Hostetler said...

In response to my review on of “The Wife”, a friend sent me a comment in which the said they considering reading the “Kristin Lavransdatter” Trilogy but was concerned about some negative reviews. I didn’t want to accept the full responsibility of making such a recommendation so I replied that I would ask the Great Books KC group what their recommendations are. The group met last night (August 26, 2016), and toward the end of our discussion I went around the room and asked each person present to give their recommendation (or not).  The following is a link to a summary of what they said based on my notes.

Clif Hostetler said...

There were eleven present at our discussion last night (August 26, 2016). If you want to know who, check out the link shown in the above comment.